Pricing Tool creation

We can create a range of custom pricing tools and applications for organisations that want to increase transparency and usability for customers and prospects.

Comparison pricing tools

Example – Microsoft 365 package comparison tool: 

With all the different services and features available, selecting the right Microsoft 365 licences for your organisation can be a daunting task. 

We were asked to develop a comparison tool that made this complex process simple for users and after working with the client to map out the application, we decided to offer two approaches. In the first instance, the tool enables users to select from a range of pre-built user profiles based around popular job roles and the most appropriate licence for each role. 

The second approach allowed a user to create a custom profile and manually select a list of Microsoft programs that would be required by the custom user. The calculator then matches the licence features to the most relevant and cost-effective licences available. Once finalised users can email the quote and licence breakdown through the application.

Microsoft 365 pricing tool

Core features: Gated entry, complex quote creation with multiple variables, email sending functions, email distribution alerts and RRP discount calculator. 

Technologies used: React, MySQL, .netcore and Bootstrap. 

Onsite pricing tool example

Classic pricing tools

Example – Veeam pricing tool: In this instance, one of our clients asked us to create a calculator for their Veeam backup services. The tool needed to be gated, and on entry contact details that were submitted needed to be automatically forwarded to a set distribution group.

The completed application holds four different pricing tools based around each Veeam service offered by the customer. Each tool uses its own pre-determined variables to calculate costs inputted by the user, pooling information from existing Veeam licences, internal costs and contractual discounts. 

Core features: Gated entry, complex pricing calculations.

Technologies used: .net,, Bootstrap

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