Migration services

If you’re looking to migrate your applications from ASP.NET to the recommended .NET core framework, our specialist team can help.

Why migrate your software from ASP.NET to ASP.NET CORE?

ASP.NET Core is an open-sourced, redesigned and improved version of the existing ASP.NET Framework, for building modern, cloud-first web applications. The rewritten framework is also considered by developers to be more scalable and secure than its predecessor. 

ASP.NET Core is considered the best choice for application flexibility, allowing you to target your web application to Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. ASP.NET only tailors to Windows-based services. 


Our migration service provides the following benefits: 

  • Cloud-first development framework with tooling that simplifies modern web development.
  • Framework unification and flexibility for web UI and Web APIs.
  • Architected for development testability in mind.
  • Flexibility with the ability to host on the following: Keesterl, IIS, HTTPS.sys, Apache, Nginx and Docker.
  • Use C# in the browser alongside JavaScript.
  • Share server-side and client-side app logic all written with .NET.
  • Side by side versioning with a modular HTTP request pipeline.


Built for Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems.

Uses the recommended Razor Pages approach for Web UI as part of ASP.NET Core 2.x.

Many versions per machine.

Development is possible with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code using C#, F# or Visual Studio for Mac.

Offers increased performance over ASP.NET.



Built only for Windows Operating systems.

Use SignalR. Web API, WebHooks, Web Pages or Web Forms.       

Only one version per machine.

Development with Visual Studio using VB, C# and F#.

Standard performance.

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