Project review: Nimbox

Together with Nimbox, SaaS it helped develop and implement a management layer to the existing secure file sharing solution.

The challenge:

Nimbox lets teams share and collaborate on corporate information, while retaining advanced audit controls, helping to ensure customer compliance with industry regulations. 

Offering secure file sharing, real-time collaborative document editing and more through encrypted cloud storage, the SaaS it team were tasked with building an additional layer of management onto the existing Nimbox solution. 

Nimbox already had an established and trusted service in place, used by organisations worldwide, but needed assistance from the SaaS it team to help create a wrap-around management solution for the application. 

The technologies:

C# .net

Go-Cardless API



MySQL Server

Xero API

SaaS it expanded the existing Nimbox solution, adding:

  • Reseller white labelling functions (logos, domains and more).
  • Automated signup
  • Trial process tool for customers with automated Email reminders.
  • Marketing offers and promotion integration.
  • Automated payments via Go Cardless
  • Comprehensive single-pane-of-glass management features for all customers.

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